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D. T. Hayes, Inc. - Oversight Services
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New EMAIL accounts for all Oversight Personnel
All oversight personnel now have "@dthayes.com" email addresses. Please have all email associated with the work you do for D. T. Hayes, Inc. (including all Transnuclear correspondence) sent to your  "@dthayes.com" address. Automatic mail forwarding is available for those of you that prefer to receive correspondence everything via your personnal accounts. See your individual announcement email for details. Also click on the "Contacts" link on the left and browse the list of email addresses and phone numbers.
"Your @dthayes.com email should be SPAM free!
All email traffic through the dthayes.com domain is processed through a Junk Mail filter. By default, your account is set up with medium filter sensitivity. You can increase or decrease filter sensitivity (or turn filtering off) by adjusting your email setting at https://register.bcentralhost.com/home/. Your account has been set up to purge junk mail from your Junk Mail folder after 15 days so check your account often (or reset your filter to save all junk mail).
Your "@dthayes.com" email account is virus protected.
All messages sent to your "@dthayes.com" account are scanned for virus infection prior to being delivered. If a virus is detected, it will be stripped and replaced with a text file before being delivered. Please visit https://register.bcentralhost.com/home/ and click on My Email Settings to customize the manner in which virus infected email and attachments are handled.