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DOCUMENT LIBRARY: TN Quality Procedures
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This folder contains the manuals, procedures, forms and directives that make up the Transnuclear Quality Assurance Program. Transnuclear is in the process of merging the various divisions/offices. During the transition period, multiple programs remain in effect. All documents in this folder are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. If your computer isn't set up for reading pdf files, you can download the latest Acrobat Reader directly from the Adobe website: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html

* TRANSNUCLEAR IMPLEMENTING PROCEDURES (TIPs) - The Fremont and Hawthorne Quality Procedures will soon be fully superseded by Transnuclear Implementing Procedures (TIPs). This sub-folder contains all TIPs that are required reading for Oversight personnel.

* TN-FREMONT QUALITY PROCEDURES MANUAL -  These documents are included for existing TN-Fremont and PacTec projects. CAUTION: The TN-Fremont Quality Procedures Manual is available only as a single 4.46MB Acrobat (pdf) file.

* TN-HAWTHORNE QUALITY PROCEDURES - These documents are included for existing TN-Hawthorne projects. There are a total of 58 documents in this sub-folder (23.0MB total). The largest document is 848KB.

* TRANSITION PLAN - Check here for the latest information on how Transnuclear is phasing out the TN-Hawthorne and TN-Fremont programs and replacing them with Transnuclear Implementing Procedures (TIPs).


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