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D. T. Hayes, Inc. - Oversight Services
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Welcome to the resource and communications center for oversight services personnel.


* This website is still in the process of being developed. Everything here is fully functional but there's much more to come. This site is intended to serve the needs of oversight personnel, so take the time necessary get familiar with the site and it's contents, and let us know what you think. All suggestion on what we can change, add or simply do better will be welcomed. This is your site. Please use it and help develop it.

* Keep up with the latest developments and news by checking the Announcements section (below) each time you visit this site.

* The "Quick Launch" bar on the left side of this screen provides convenient access to other website areas. The DOCUMENT LIBRARY is the bookshelf of our "virtual office". It's where you'll find things like quality manuals and procedures, project specific documents, including oversight plans and check sheets, various codes and standards of interest to oversight personnel, and much more. As you might expect, in the PHOTO ALBUM, you'll find photos intended to be helpful in performing our duties. Some are of general interest, other address specific issues and conditions. Check them out, let us know what else you'd like to see. Currently, all that's available under LISTS is our electronic address and contacts list. More will be added soon. Use the electronic "Suggestion Box" under DISCUSSION BOARDS to let us know your thought on how to improve oversight operations, improve this site, or just to let us all know what's on your mind. WEB LINKS is where to look for links to sites of interest. Remember: You can always return to this page, directly form anywhere on this site, by clicking on the HOME button located on the left end of the upper link bar.

* An important part of maintaining our oversight qualifications is keeping up with the reading assignments. Please make sure you've completed every assignment listed on the Quick Launch bar (under READING ASSIGNMENTS). You'll find the documents in the DOCUMENT LIBRARY. It takes less that 30 seconds to complete the survey form (and thereby complete the reading assignment) once you've completed the actual reading. Simply click on the appropriate reading assignment link, then on "Respond to this Survey", check the box and hit "Save and Close". If you see a reading assignment listed on the Quick Launch bar, it means someone has yet to complete the assignment. Once everyone has completed an assignment, it will be removed from the Quick Launch bar. Hint: Changes are usually highlighted by the addition of a bar/line in the margin beside the changed text. Save time and effort by focusing your attention on the changes alone.

* Don't forget to scroll down and check the EVENTS listing below. The purpose of this section is to give you a "heads up" on upcoming oversight activities, and to provide necessary information and materials related to those activities.

* SITE SECURITY IS CRITICAL: Access to this site is limited to authorized personnel. NEVER SHARE YOUR USER NAME OR PASSWORD. The importance of protecting customer documents and information cannot be overemphasized. However, there is another reason to safeguard your user name and password, one  that may not be so obvious. Your user name and password establish your identity when accessing the website, and enable to use of secure online reader response forms. Help save time and effort by keeping your user name and password private.


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